Working Together With You


I am

an East Coast transplant that grew up with sheep, goats, stray cats, dogs always present, and alfalfa for my grandfather’s cattle farm; 

a cat and dog rescuer/lover;

a recipe fine-tuner;

a connecter and nexus amongst professionals;

a creative mind that enjoys dreaming;

a loyal friend;

a retired attorney; and last but certainly not least

a parent of two elementary-aged children.

In Portland, Oregon while my children were attending a private Catholic Montessori school, where for simplicity’s sake, one child needed more help educationally than that school could offer, the story began.  After multiple different therapies, tutoring, and testing, I used research and problem solving skills, clear written and oral communication, and refined negotiation techniques to successfully get an IEP for that child. Subsequently to this accomplishment in a confusing educational system, I had several mom friends call me asking how I navigated the system to achieve such a quick remedy.  After several coffee dates that turned into lunches, I opened up shop and I am now graciously accepting referrals.

I currently use my personal experience and legal expertise to offer families the tools needed to navigate the complexities of Special Education (Think 504 and IEPs), including advising and advocating by oral and written communication through all phases of the Special Education process (placing phone calls, writing documents, attending meetings...).



Researcher.  Communicator.  Negotiator.


Advocate & Advisor


Advocate & Advisor


Advocate & Advisor



What Parents Say

I provide exceptional customer service going the extra mile to make sure my clients reach their goals. For years, I’ve helped clients transform their educational lives thanks to my consulting services, and I’m so proud to see them on a clearly defined path toward success. See what my satisfied customers are saying and get in touch with me today.

"Christina's personal experiences, legal skills and tenacity make her exceptionally qualified to advocate for neuroatypical children. She also shares extensive resources and recommendations far beyond the typical list you would expect."


Battling for your child’s right in the educational arena can be a really lonely place.  Even with a background in education, I was overwhelmed by all of the jargon, the hoops, and my emotions of course.  Christina patiently helped me to understand the data and the process to develop a game plan and a strategy.

~ D. S.

"Christina was an advocate for my daughter and me at an eligibility meeting.  Without her help, my daughter would not have gotten the additional testing that she needed to get the in-class assistance she requires.  Christina is effective and thorough.  I would recommend her to anyone needing advice or advocacy with teachers, specialists, administration."

Her encouragement filled me with confidence to get the outcome I desired. Knowing there was someone in my corner made all the difference.  Christina is a fierce advocate for rights of children. Her knowledge of educational law and parental rights is stellar.  I would recommend her services to any parent battling for services for educational support services. 

~ A.J.

"My son was having difficulty remaining seated, staying focused on written tasks and receiving verbal instructions in the classroom. He was also distracted by classroom noise. All of these things created an atmosphere that was not conducive to his learning. Christina asked all of the right questions to understand the situation and help identify what steps I could take to address his needs with the school."

~ M.L.

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